Humble Beginnings

The Gianni’s Story

IMG_1333Gianni began his career in the kitchen while in the Italian Navy. After he completed his enlistment he went on to culinary School in Rome. During the 1960’s & 1970’s, Gianni acquired his true culinary skills while working at some of the finest restaurants Rome had to offer.

In the late 70’s he decided to make the move to New York to begin his career in the pizza industry. That’s where he fell in love with pizza & his soon-to-be wife Maria. They started a family & shared their passion for Italian cooking with their children, teaching them the secrets passed down from previous generations.preview

We now deliver to you the same passion for Italian cooking that runs through our veins. We partner with only the best companies so that we can serve the highest quality products. This together with our unmatched service & passion, will take you on a vacation to Italy without ever leaving town. Gianni’s NY Pizza saves you the trip to Italy!

Our Secret to Success

Quality, Passion, Service

IMG_1335Buying top quality ingredients is just the start, without passion you got nothing. We go to great lengths to ensure our staff is trained in the highest standards. We believe “good” service is not enough, going above and beyond the competition. We are in business to create memories and not just fill tummies. We have a mission to ensure our customers experience what a “True” New York Style pizza is suppose to be like. Pizza runs deep in our family and we invite you to come experience with your family.